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We are default vibration - professional music studio based in Sofia, Bulgaria. We specialize mainly in audio post production and services like mastering, mixing and recording of electronic dance music. We do not wish to underestimate all the other genres, but we've gained most of our experience working particularly on such projects.


Setting up the studio took more than 2 years of efforts and extensive research. During that time we were able to select the best equipment to meet the specific audio processing requirements in the endless depths of the EDM genre, which constantly develops and evolves.


Today we can offer high-end audio post production services to everybody who have devoted their lives to the synthetic sound (composers, producers, djs, labels, etc.) without, of course, turning our backs on those whose first steps are just around the corner.




the science of music

Konstantin is an electronic music producer. Since 2001 he has been composing music with several aliases in genres like progressive trance, drum n bass, chill out and others.


In 2010 he starts developing a new sound as Allan Zax. Releases for labels such as Dutchie Music, Grouper Recordings, Ministry of Sound. Collaborated with artists like Stan Kolev, Juan Mejia, Johnny Fiasco, Deep Josh and others.


Co-founder of the Psy-Prog Trance project Hymera.


In 2015 has become post production manager in default vibration studio.



Composer and multi-instrumentalist. Produces and releases music more than 10 years.

In 2001, creates the electronic duo Hymera, along with his friend & colleague Konstantin Georgiev.


Hymera has 3 released albums, a dozen singles, EPs and remixes of Depeche Mode, The Prodigy, Orbital, Dub Fx, The Chemical Brothers, Celldweller, etc.


Giving the amount of music, audio postproduction has turned into an essential part of life that demands devotion, time and knowledge.


In 2015 he has founded default vibration studio.



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Pavlin Nikolov

(owner and lead engineer)

Konstantin Georgiev

(manager post production)

Pavlin Nikolov default vibration
Konstanting Georgiev default vibration

default vibration studio has a variety of gear arsenal including not only digital hardware but also the irreplaceable analog processors with their most exclusive feature - unique and distinctive sound.


Last but not least, default vibration studio uses a triple monitoring system for reference of the final product. The studio is in possession of two last generation Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) systems, Desktop Windows OS and mobile mac OS, based on Intel i7 processors.


In default vibration studio we believe that the best results in electronic music post production can only be achieved through the synthesis and balance of digital and analog technology. Doing so, we take the best of these two "universes".

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