Stereo Mastering

Stereo mastering is a classic method of mastering best for all music genres and professional studios mixes. This music mastering is suitable for all kind of music, and provides an excellent overall optimization of your tracks.


Stem Mastering

Stem mastering is a hybrid between mixing and mastering.Stem mastering uses groups of “like” instruments such as drums, synths, guitars, bass, vocals, brass section etc. It occasionally uses automation, but not always. It allows the mastering engineer more flexibility and control to improve the end result if there are any doubts or insecurities about the mix down.


Mixing + Mastering

Mixing is balancing multi-track audio files using faders, (i.e. kick, snare, toms, cymbals, bass, keys, lead vox, brass, strings, backing vox) in mixing there is discrete control over all the elements of a multi-track recording which is usually automated to a high degree.It is a time consuming procedure.


Dj Mix Mastering

Dj mix mastering is a unique process where each mix is approached individually. Applying a method similar to the stereo mastering, we can restore the loudness balance across the entire DJ mix and bring the overall level up. Your audience will no longer reach out for the volume control over and over again.


EP Mastering

An EP is an important undertaking for a musician or band, you have worked hard recording, producing and mixing your music and it deserves that final touch from an experienced engineer with the best equipment.

Frequent Producer

Frequent producer / Label is a service created entirely for meeting the needs of labels and producers who seek the equilibrium when it comes to releasing music. Do not let the cuts in budget and pile of unmastered projects get in your way. Frequent producer / Label will save you time and money on account of quality and speed.

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