dj mix mastering

  • • original mix only*
  • • mp3 / wav
  • • digital copy only
  • • analog & digital
  • • 2 days
  • * no additional dub sessions

Dj mix mastering is a unique process where each mix is approached individually. Applying a method similar to the stereo mastering, we can restore the loudness balance across the entire DJ mix and bring the overall level up. Your audience will no longer reach out for the volume control over and over again.

This type of mastering does not simply “normalize” or manually increase the volume. It rebalances the EQ issues and tweaks frequencies without damaging the audio by distorting or clipping it. Your DJ set will definitely become punchier, louder and most importantly, impressive to your listeners!

Whether you have just recorded a live DJ set or digitally mixed one in your studio, our engineers can provide you with a professional final master that will help you stand out amongst the crowd.

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