frequent producer

  • • 20 mastered songs
  • • original mix + 3 mixes*
  • • mp3 / wav
  • • hardcopy / digital
  • • analog & digital
  • * additional mixes can be provided later

Frequent producer is a service created entirely for meeting the needs of labels and producers who seek the equilibrium when it comes to releasing music. Do not let the cuts in budget and pile of unmastered projects get in your way. Frequent producer will save you time and money on account of quality and speed.

The service consists of 20 mastered tracks, including up to 3 additional revisions for each of them. You do not need to send us alternative mixes in advance. They can be provided later on.

Frequent producer guarantees you scheduled releases will always be on time. You can safely entrust our engineers with your production. It will be mastered and ready for distribution as soon as possible.

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