Stem mastering

  • • original mix + 3 mixes*
  • • mp3 / wav
  • • hardcopy / digital
  • • analog & digital
  • • 2 days
  • * additional mixes are provided in advance

Stem mastering is a hybrid between mixing and mastering.Stem mastering uses groups of “like” instruments such as drums, synths, guitars, bass, vocals, brass section etc. It occasionally uses automation, but not always. It allows the mastering engineer more flexibility and control to improve the end result if there are any doubts or insecurities about the mix down. Stems are useful if there are continued issues of mix balance or uncertainly about any given mix element.

Stem mastering is modern mastering method designed to best preserve your sound dynamics and musicality. Analogue stem mastering will help refine your mix, and enhance your mix's strengths while decreasing its weaknesses. We are likely to recommend this mastering service for home studio mixes and for all kind of music genres. Stem mastering will also allow the best volume optimization and upon your request. All our audio mastering services are analogue with a real analogue summing, processing each tracks in a class a or upscale analogue gear.

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