Studio gear

Hardware list:

• Monitoring
1 x Presonus Monitor Station v2
2 x Avantone MixCubes Active
2 x Yamaha HS80M
1 x Yamaha HS8S
1 x Beyerdynamic DT 770

• Mixing
1 x Presonus FireStudio Project
1 x Presonus Faderport 18

• Analog processors
1 x API Audio 2500
1 x Drawmer 1973
2 x Klark Teknik EQP KT
1 x ART Pro VLA II

1 x UAD-2 Satellite Quad

• Power Managment
1 x Samson PB 10 Powerbrite

Software list:

• Digital Audio Workstation
- Presonus Studio One

• Metering
- Roger Nichols Digital Inspector
- TT Dynamic Range Meter
- Presonus VU Meter

• VST Processors
- Universal Audio
- IK Multimedia T-Racks
- iZotope Ozone
default vibration studio has a variety of gear arsenal including not only digital hardware but also the irreplaceable analog processors with their most exclusive feature - unique and distinctive sound.

Last but not least, default vibration studio uses a triple monitoring system for reference of the final product. The studio is in possession of two last generation Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) systems.

In default vibration studio we believe that the best results in electronic music post production can only be achieved through the synthesis and balance of digital and analog technology. Doing so, we take the best of these two "universes".
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