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Limitation of Liability
This website may have links to external websites. www.defaultvibration.com is not responsible for external websites.

www.defaultvibration.com is not responsible for the owners or operators of such websites or for goods and services provided by them, or for their content; does not accept and is not bound by the conditions, warranties or other statements related to them, or accepts any liabilities related to them (incl. obligations arising from claims of intellectual property rights infringement of third parties on the grounds of the content in some of the websites to which there are links on this website).

The information on this website is of general nature and should not be relied upon making decisions. www.defaultvibration.com is doing everything possible for the information, that is part of this website, to be accurate at the time of its inclusion, but is not liable for any action taken by you as a result of reliance on such information, as well as for any loss or damage caused by such action.

General Terms
This website contains materials such as: text, photographs and other images that are protected by copyright and/or other intellectual property rights. All copyrights and other intellectual property rights are owned by www.defaultvibration.com or their usage is permitted by the owner (s) of such rights for the purposes of this website.

You have the right
• to access any part of this website;
• to have a copy of one or more pages from this website for your own personal use;
• to use, copy and distribute materials (text and images) of this website only after obtaining explicit permission from the website administrators, while specify this website as a source of relevant information.

You do not have the right
• to re-create (by printing, storing on a disk or in any other way), distribute (incl. spreading copies), broadcast, alter in any way, and otherwise use the materials on this website, unless in the manners described in the "You have the right" section. These limits apply for the entire materials or parts of them;
• to remove from the materials, copied or printed from this website, notices of copyright, trademark or other intellectual property contained in the original.

Changes in general conditions
www.defaultvibration.com may periodically make changes to the above mentioned terms and conditions and limitation of liability. Upon entering this website you accept the current terms & conditions, as well as the limitation of liability, and doing so you should review them each time you visit the website. Changes and Website support www.defaultvibration.com may change the appearance and content of this website at any time.
www.defaultvibration.com may suspend the operation of this website at any time in order to update the content or for any other reason.
www.defaultvibration.com reserves the right to suspend access to this website at any time and without notice.

Privacy Policy
Personal information provided to www.defaultvibration.com through this website is for internal use only in order to provide service to our visitors. www.defaultvibration.com does not submit your personal information to third parties and / or individuals. The technologies and policy we use aim to protect your personal data from unauthorized access and misuse. These precautions will be updated in accordance to any implementation of new technologies.

www.defaultvibration.com is not responsible for the policies and practices related to the personal information of other websites even if:
• you connect with a third-party website using links from our website;
• you linked to our website from a third-party website.

Complaints Procedures
If you have questions or complaints about this website, please contact the website administrator at info@defaultvibration.com.
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